CM Tools acquires industrial automation company IS Automation Oy

CM Tools Oy provides its customers production automation and designs, manufactures and maintains tools and offers machining services. According to the company strategy CM Tools is now growing its automation services by acquiring the total share capital of IS Automation Oy. The acquisition is to take effect immediately. This acquisition allows CM Tools Oy to strengthen its position as a one of the major domestic industrial automation companies.

IS Automation has a long industrial automation history which CM Tools has promised to continue. The expertise of both companies’ staff complement each other and enables a wider range of automation services to a larger clientele in Finland and abroad in the future. The strenthening of the company’s know-how in large automation projects means that it will be easier to meet customers’ needs simultaneously and in a more flexible manner.

At present CM Tools operates in Porvoo, Vaasa and Lahti. The personnel of IS Automation Oy will relocate to CM Tools premises in Ölstens, Porvoo. CM Tools is well known as the provider of domestic high quality tools, molds as well as industrial goods and assembly automation. The turnover for the new company will reach approximately 10 million euros on 2018. The company employs some 70 industrial professionals.

Early 2018 CM Tools Oy announced a transaction which was organized by development and investment company Kuusi Capital Oy. With this transaction the new majority shareholders are Senior Partner Teemu Lahkela of Kuusi Capital Oy, Timo Rautanen, owner of Suomen Asiakasturva Oy and Kuusi Capital Oy.

Further information:
Juha Martikainen, Managing Director, CM Tools Oy, tel. +358 40 770 1254
Jukka Saarhelo, Managing Director, IS Automation Oy, tel. +358 40 535 2492
Teemu Lahkela, Senior Partner, Kuusi Capital Oy / Chairman of the Board, CM Tools Oy, tel. +358 40 772 1095