CM Tools invests in automation expertise and sets its sights on the 3D market

CM Tools is seeking new opportunities for growth from additive manufacturing. The company recently acquired a 3D plastic printer for research purposes.

”We are learning more about how to utilize 3D printing. With our current machine we are capable of making prototypes and testing our own ideas. In order to manufacture production pieces we will need a larger metal machine,” says Managing Director Juha Martikainen.

Right now, the large-scale 3D metal printers on the market do not tempt Martikainen to invest, but CM Tools will invest in future generations of equipment.

Additive manufacturing is suitable for the company’s product conceptualization and tool manufacturing and enables the production of single items and small series.

”Within two years the device will develop to the point where they are efficient in terms of price and speed of printing. The printable area should also grow,” says Martikainen.

CM Tools grew last year through a business acquisition and will increase its turnover this year to about seven million euros.

Managing Director Juha Martikainen says that production automation has taken a leap forward early this year in Finland. The demand for automation solutions has increased considerably in the company’s order books.

CM Tools is recruiting more designers to meet the growing demand in Finland.

”Immediately after the start of the year demand began to grow substantially, especially on the automation side. Our goal is to grow our automation services in the direction of larger-scale turnkey deliveries,” says Martikainen.